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Safeway Cards

This is one of the easiest ways to add real money to your student’s Encore Account. When you use the Safeway Reloadable Card, three percent (3%) of your purchases are automatically added to your account. This is a reusable card that you don’t throw away when the balance gets low; instead, you reload the card using cash, a check, or even your “cash back rewards” credit card. It is so easy, friends and family get their own cards and help you save!

How does it work?
Purchase a Safeway Reloadable Card for each Encore Account to which you want to contribute. Each new card costs $10 and comes pre-loaded with the same amount. Spend the card just like any other Safeway gift card, but instead of tossing the card when the balance is gone, reload the card with more funds and continue to contribute to your Encore Account.

Reloading the card
It’s easy to reload your card with a check, credit card, or debit card at the customer service desk before you start shopping, and the funds will be available in 15 minutes. Or, ask the clerk to reload your card at the register before they start scanning your purchases, and it will take only five minutes for the funds to be ready. Up to $500 may be loaded on each card.

Where do the funds go?
Three percent (3%) of purchases made with a Safeway Reloadable Card will go to the Encore Account associated with that card. 

How can I get a card?
Safeway Reloadable Cards are available from Encore's treasurer Contact  lhsencoretreasurer@gmail.com for more information or to purchase a card. Cards will also be available at the Encore Table at all Liitlteon band, choir, orchestra, and theater performances during the school year. Cards are $10 each and can be purchased with cash, or a check made out to “LHS Encore.” Purchase extra cards and give them to friends and family members to help you save.

Additional information
The cards can be used to purchase almost anything at Safeway, including gasoline. Tobacco, alcohol, money orders, and lottery tickets are not included. The card balance is always printed on your receipt. The balance can also be checked at the customer service desk, by the check-out clerk at the register, or by calling 1-800-229-5855. The card is accepted at many Safeway-affiliated stores around the country. A list of stores where the card is accepted is printed on the back of the card.