Encore Accounts

Both Littleton High School Encore! Performing Arts, and individual groups within the Performing Arts Department (Band, Orchestra, Vocal Music, and Theater Arts) sponsor a number of fundraisers throughout the year. Each fundraiser may have a different purpose. This may be to support a specific need within that group (for example, Marching Band), or may serve as a general fundraiser to support Encore. On some fundraisers, a portion of the profits may be designated toward a student's Encore Account.

What is an Encore Account?
An Encore Account is an account that holds profits raised by a particular student during certain Encore Account-designated fundraisers throughout the year. The purpose of the Encore Account program is to help families cover the cost of qualified Performing Arts expenses. Qualified expenses are considered the same for all students involved in a program or activity. Some of the qualified expenses include:

  • Cost of trips (package rate of transportation, lodging, group meals, other group fees, etc.). Does not include individual meals or individual, unique expenses;
  • Uniform fees for participation in specific events (i.e. theater performances, marching band, gowns, tuxedos, etc.);
  • Participation fees (such as Marching Band fees and activity fees);
  • Fees for auditions/participation in All-State or All-District performance groups.
How does this program work?
Every student participating in a Performing Arts program (band, theater, vocal music, etc.) automatically has an Encore Account which starts with a zero balance. Accounts are credited with the student's net profit from each   Encore Account-designated fundraiser.

How do I access the funds in our Encore Account?
Simply complete a Encore Account Withdrawal Form and deliver to the teacher prior to the payment deadline. The form must be signed by the student and/or parent. The Encore Account Administrator will make the appropriate accounting changes.

Can one sibling withdraw from another sibling's account?
Yes. Unless specified by the parent(s) or student(s), siblings who are in performing arts at the same time automatically share one account. If a student is graduating, funds can be transferred to younger sibling(s) if they are not already participating but will be in the future.  Complete the Encore Sibling Transfer Request form. The form must be signed by the student and/or parent releasing the funds.

When a student graduates, what happens to their balance?
If a student does not have any siblings currently participating, and if a request is not made for future siblings to hold the account, the money transfers to Encore to help the Performing Arts departments buy needed supplies and equipment and school budget cannot cover.

May I sell my account balance to another student?
Absolutely not! This is a direct violation of IRS guidelines and will result in forfeiture of the current Encore Account balance of both the transferring and receiving student. In addition, the students involved will be suspended from further participation in the Share Account program.

Is there an ongoing way to add to my Encore Account?
Yes! Using King Soopers Reloadable Cards and Safeway Reloadable Cards is the easiest way. Encourage family and friends to use the cards too, and their activity will also be added to your Share Account.